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We Are Peer-To-Peer Employee Recognition Pioneers

We've been doing Peer-To-Peer Employee Recognition for as long as people have been tweeting.

Recognition Perfected

Cultures of appreciation happen when everyone has a way to say “thank you”. When you use our employee recognition program, you get two modes for inspiring the best out of your people.

Employee-To-Employee Recognition

Kudos gives your team a formal place to recognize and appreciate one another daily. But we go above and beyond the rest with our built-in functionality that ties peer recognition back to company values and reinforces the behaviors that mean success for your organization.

Manager-To-Employee Recognition

When an employee does something truly special, they deserve Kudos that stand out. Kudos facilitates a positive, top-down recognition program via Awards and Badges. You designate who in your company has permission to send them, and they’re also completely customizable to your company’s brand and culture.

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Value & Behaviour Alignment Done Right

Carefully engineered, each component of a Kudos message has employee recognition and appreciation best practices in mind.

Our system of aligning behaviours and values is fully customizable to your culture.


Currency of Recognition®

The Employee-To-Employee Recognition Standard

Most recognition systems on the market are based on driving Point Culture. Not Kudos. Kudos is different. We Thank Different®. We take the focus away from points and drive Performance Culture instead. Points focused systems drive the wrong behaviours like trying to give away all your points at the end of the month! Shouldn’t recognition be organic and in the moment?

Our system of recognition was developed in collaboration with Employee Engagement Specialists, a Global Cultural Analyst, a Clinical Psychologist, and a Doctor of Human & Organizational Development. It is intended to drive Performance Culture and not Point Culture.

Thank You

5 Points

Good Job

10 Points


20 Points


50 Points

Customizable Manager-To-Employee Awards

Employee crave good leaders and mentors and good leaders and mentors give great recognition. Give employees recognition that stands out and that they can be proud of.

Awards are the heart and soul of Kudos Manager-to-Employee Recognition, and are customizable elements that help you honor those achieving great things. Awards pair perfectly with training programs, certifications and goals.

When an employee receives a Badge, it comes complete with a printable Certificate and a whole lot of publicity on the Team Wall.

Video Recognition

The choice is yours. Type a great personal recognition message or capture it on video! Kudos’ iOS and Android apps both allow you to record video recognition. If you’ve used another device to record your video, no problem! Simply upload your video as an attachment on the web application and your video will be seen in the wall for everybody to enjoy. Video recognition takes your recognition program to the next level!

Crowdsourced Recognition

Kudos automatically enables your organization’s community to voice who they want to recognize. And K+ Endorsements take it to the next level! K+ is the evolution of the “Like” button.

K+ goes one step further by giving users a way to show their support and agreement with a recognition message. Since K+ has an associated point value, it goes beyond simply ‘liking’, and is an excellent way for coworkers and managers to let the team know they notice and endorse all the excellent work being accomplished.


Make checking in a regular thing with a Kudos Feedback message. Always private, Feedback messages can be sent from employee to employee or from manager to employee.


Kudos Leaderboards showcase the top Kudos senders, receivers as well as the top engagement leaders. They bring a light gasification element to your engagement program. They highlight your culture ambassadors and those who are making an impression on their peers and the organization as a whole. Leaderboards for Groups, Departments, and Locations are also available!

Birthdays & Work Anniversaries

Kudos never misses a chance to celebrate! The Kudos system automatically sends out customizable emails and Kudos points to your employees on these special occasions. A message is also automatically posted on the Team Wall so everyone can take part in the celebration.

Recognize in Any Work Environment

Regular access to a computer isn’t part of every job description, but that doesn’t mean Kudos isn’t a possibility. We’ve got lots of solutions for making sure everyone gets Kudos.


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