Engage, recognize and reward your team with Kudos

Kudos is an employee recognition program and corporate social network designed to engage your teams with enhanced communication, collaboration, appreciation, recognition, and rewards.

Engage, recognize and reward your team with

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A growing number of high performing companies are discovering the power of Thanking Different
Recognition & Feedback

Give Meaningful Recognition and Feedback

Thank Different®

The Kudos Recognition engine is the heart of the system. Timely recognition and meaningful feedback is absolutely crucial for cultivating and maintaining an engaged team.

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Communication & Culture

Engage Your Team

Connect, collaborate, communicate with Kudos.

Using an interface similar to popular social networks, Kudos enhances communication in your organization. Build and promote organizational culture by facilitating communication with every member of your organization.

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Kudos Rewards

Give Meaningful, Unique Rewards

It’s all about choice.

Kudos aims to connect the reward to the person. Give rewards that you know your team members will love by letting them choose what means the most to them.

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Kudos Philosophy

Kudos: Going Beyond Employee Motivation

Many organizations struggle with challenges in employee motivation. The truth of the matter is, most leaders do not know how to consistently motivate their teams. They ply people with rewards for achieving goals, offer sage advice, or try to lead...

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Kudos: Going Beyond Employee Motivation

Kudos: It’s Time for a Little Recognition!

Team recognition is a powerful tool that most companies are not using well to create engagement at work. Sadly, most organizations do not have a well-thought-out strategy to engage their teams, or if they do, they are not satisfied with the...

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Kudos: It’s Time for a Little Recognition!

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Private Network

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+ Rewards
+ Administration
+ Customization

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+ Awards & Badges
+ Enhanced Reporting
+ Deeper Customization

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+ Goals
+ Performance Management

Kudos in the News

Here are some of the nice things people have been saying about Kudos

“Organizations such such as Johnson & Johnson, Lush, Dynamite and World Health are already using Kudos to drive employee engagement. Here’s more from our conversation with Tom and Muni”

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“This peer-to-peer recognition app allows Yammer to update users when a colleague sends another colleague a “kudos.”

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“With Yammer integration, Kudos helps enhance corporate culture and improve employee engagement by streaming messages of appreciation and recognition directly to Yammer’s Ticker.”