KQ™ - The recognition badge that makes analytics fun.

KQ is an exciting way to watch engagement and culture grow within your organization. KQ represents you, your team, your company, your culture.

KQ™ - The recognition badge that makes analytics fun.

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KQ illustrates your top Kudos qualities and your level of engagement.

If there was an IQ for the quality of your character, it would be called KQ. KQ is both a visual representation of the values and characteristics for which you are most recognized in Kudos, and an illustration of your level of engagement. While your outer KQ changes as you receive Kudos, its core grows as you give. Your KQ is who you are, what you excel at, and how you interact with your peers, all rolled up into one. It’s all that and some secret sauce.

Get to know your team as a group and as individuals with KQ.

  • Compare KQs to see how your team complements one another
  • Gauge your team’s level of Kudos activity and engagement
  • Celebrate your team members for their unique KQs

Recognition and communication is the foundation to employee engagement and KQ is the simple way to see how engaged your team is and where they shine.

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