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Rewards are Optional

Kudos’ focus is intrinsic recognition and engagement. For this reason, rewards are an optional feature. In fact, we have companies that run Kudos without rewards and with great success.

Digital Rewards

With our online KudosRewards® eGift card store and shopping cart, it’s never been simpler to create a reward program for employees that’s centered around what your team loves.

Global Rewards for Global Companies

KudosRewards® is preloaded with geographically appropriate eGift cards. When users redeem points, there’s no extra work or action for admins. Users log in to their Kudos account, select what eGift card they’d like and it’s automatically delivered via email with a redemption code.

Save your company money: No Mark Up. No Breakage. No Hidden Fees.

KudosRewards® has low fees, lots of flexibility and lets your organization call the shots. Just set a budget, assign a dollar value to your Kudos Points and select your geographic location. Both Points and Rewards are optional in Kudos, and Admins can easily turned them on or off.

eGift Card Reward Categories

Restaurants & Coffee
Virtual Credit Cards

Create Your Own Rewards

You know your people best, and we give you the option to quickly and easily create a rewards catalog unique to your organization.

Custom Rewards

Custom Rewards is a feature that lets you custom select what items you’d like to put in a virtual catalog. From local entertainment to time off to VIP parking, your team will love using their Kudos points on a handpicked shopping spree. Like all of our rewards features, Custom Rewards is optional. If you choose to use it, simply upload images, item descriptions, assign a point value and you're set!

Simple Rewards Management for Happy Admins

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